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What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a file placed on your device (smartphone, computer or tablet, etc.) with the aim of collecting information about your browsing in order to offer you a smoother experience. When you first browse the site, a banner asks you whether or not you want to accept cookies.
The fact of continuing navigation without clicking on “accept cookies” or “refuse cookies” is equivalent to acceptance.
You can change your decision at any time and deactivate cookies via your browser.

Cookies used by By Journou

Two types of cookies are collected when you browse the site, cookies are in no way nominative, they do not identify a user.

Strictly necessary cookies: Used for the proper functioning of the site. These cookies are intended to make your navigation more fluid, to improve the loading time of the pages and therefore the speed of the website.

Performance cookies: Collected through the Google Analytics statistics tool, these cookies are intended to improve the performance of the website, by measuring the audience, by analyzing the behavior of users on the site.

Manage my cookies

When you first connect to the website, a banner appears, offering you to accept or refuse the installation of cookies on your device, i.e. if you refuse the deposit of certain cookies, your browsing experience will be impacted and certainly less fluid.
You can modify your consent at any time via your internet browser.