Portrait de l'artiste peintre pop art Arnaud JOURNOU


Arnaud JOURNOU, a contemporary painter, was born in Brittany in 1981 to a family open to the world, itself originally from Italy and Poland.

JOURNOU has been drawn to graphic art since his earliest childhood. As a young draftsman, he met Bernard-Marie LAUTE, a painter, photographer and film-maker with a passion for modern painting, at the age of 14. Thirsty for advice, he spent several days with him in his studio. His influence encouraged him to persevere.

He quickly found his own universe, that of POP ART, on the border between street art and press cartoons, drawing on popular culture. His works can be read in many ways, but only poetry and beauty count. His creations are conceived as tributes to life and also to femininity, carnal and sensual. In 2018, he met with success thanks to his collaboration with Christophe PETYT the manager of the JACKSON family.
Exhibiting his colorful canvases in major galleries in Brussels, Paris and Dubai, JOURNOU also practices his art in the customization of various products in the luxury goods and haute couture sectors, as well as on sculptures. He has signed artistic collaborations with prestigious brands such as PRIVATE HAUTE COUTURE, BMW and EVENTS FAMILY.

In 2021, he and his wife founded their company, with which he puts his hands and his art at the service of his customers to create a unique work, in their image, on all types of media.

No constraints, very few limits. Anything is possible. For him, painting is a means of expression and sharing. Whether his works are savored, criticized or provoked, his art must be in motion and effervescent.

Portrait d'Evy JOURNOU, associée et femme d'Arnaud JOURNOU



Managing Director of SAS BY JOURNOU, Evy was born in Belgium in 1985. She grew up in the world of drawing and comics. Initially a school teacher for young children, she arrived in France in 2009 and decided to go back to school to study Human Resources. With her degree in hand, she worked in this field for several years. It was at work that she met Arnaud JOURNOU, who would later become her husband. When they moved in together, she discovered Arnaud’s passion and talent in some boxes. She encouraged him to return to the arts. Following the creation of a collection, Evy decided to create a BY JOURNOU page and send Arnaud’s portfolio to a gallery in Brussels. It was then that she encouraged him to return to the arts.
Following the creation of a collection, Evy decided to create a BY JOURNOU page and send Arnaud’s portfolio to a gallery in Brussels. The collection sold out in just a few weeks. This was the start of the rise of BY JOURNOU, which went on to exhibit in Dubai and Paris, and work for TF1… Seeing the popularity of JOURNOU’s work and, above all, the pleasure her husband takes in painting, Evy suggested that he make a career out of it. Used to working in pairs, they naturally decided to set up a joint venture. Arnaud paints, while Evy manages international commercial relations, gallery rights, the image and deployment of the BY JOURNOU image, and all legal matters. With her head full of projects, Evy imagines a flourishing future for her company.

Portrait de Manon, l'assistante d'Arnaud JOURNOU


Communications Manager at BY JOURNOU, Manon was born in 1993.
After several years in sales and tourism, Manon met Arnaud and Evy while working with them in human resources.
Their paths crossed again a few years later when Arnaud and Evy contacted her to work with them at SAS BY JOURNOU, which she accepted without hesitation.
Manon’s main responsibilities include managing Arnaud’s social networks, website and creating his communication materials. A true Swiss Army knife, she works in tandem with Evy on the company’s administrative management.